Dear visitor,

Sometime, life works in mysterious ways and sometime people make decisions that changes their lives. My story is a bit of both. I've developed websites and produced cars in the past but that has now changed. For that reason, this website is now out of date and many of the links below are broken as project felt in internet's history.

I am sorry I cannot show you some of my work anymore but I hope you forgive me. The contacts are up to date so don't hesitate to reach out if you want.

Sincerely, JB

Jean-Baptiste Rouaux

What I do well

As an engineer I thrive working in cross-functional teams within an industrial environment. I'm great at detecting and solving technical issues. I'm able to use CAD softwares such as Delmia or Catia V5.

On the new technologies part of things, I'm great at crafting and managing web marketing campaigns that can include seting up social media strategy, designing games, modelling websites or finding ways to use new trending services.

As a web developer, I'm more keen on front-end development. I'm fluent in HTML4 and 5 or CSS2.1 and 3. I'm good with jQuery. I'm also pretty skilled on the back-end part of things with good PHP and MySql experiences.

Finally, I'm excellent at being french :)

Other things